Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we have to pay a delivery or set-up fee?

A. We deliver, set-up and collect free of charge within our normal area. We may make a charge outside of the listed areas. Specific time requests may also be chargeable.

Q. Do we need to pay a deposit?

A. NO, at Amesbury Inflatable’s. We don't ask our private booking customers to pay a deposit. Event & adult equipment will require a non-refundable deposit.

Q. What if we need to cancel?

A. We offer free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance. Any time after this may incur a charge.

Q. What are your payment methods?

A. We accept cash on the day, cheque or BACS transfer (please enquire for this method).

Q. What about supervision of children using the inflatables?

A. We are only responsible for setting up the units, not for any supervision during its use. It is essential that responsible adults over the age of 18yrs supervise inflatables at all times.

Q. Do you hold public liability insurance?

A. Yes, we hold £2,000,000 public liability insurance policy, which covers our company for any civil claim made against us due to defective or badly installed equipment. However, it is very important to understand that our insurance does not cover you or anyone else if an accident occurs under normal operating conditions.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. We deliver to South Wiltshire & West Hampshire as close to your booking time as possible. This is subject to traffic and circumstances beyond our control.

Q. What time do you deliver?

A. Between 9am & 6pm

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. All our outdoor garden sized bouncers have a cover. Continue to keep them inflated during a shower and most of the water runs off the roof. Any damp areas, or the step, can be easily wiped with a towel to assist rapid drying.

Q. How many children will it hold?

A. This will depend on the actual unit itself and on the age and size of the children.

Q. Do I need to supply anything?

A. Yes, a clear grassed space, as flat and level as possible and access to a normal 13amp electrical outlet.

Q. How big are they when packed up?

A. All our garden sized inflatables will go through a normal width gate or doorway and can be taken through a house if necessary.

Q. Can you put them on any surface?

A. We will normally only place them on grass if outdoors. This is a simple safety issue. Our inflatable’s are all pegged down to prevent equipment moving or lifting in the breeze.

Q. Can you put it on stone or bark chippings?

A. Possibly, with prior warning. We require more details but please note, we would be pegging through any weed membrane you may have installed and we would need to protect the children from specific hazards. You will need to supply a material base for us to install the inflatable i.e carpet or tarpaulin.

Q. Will they fit in a village hall?

A. Some of our smaller units are suitable for halls providing it has enough height and floor space. Look for hanging lighting, mirror balls, stage lighting, roof beams, and suspended heaters. If you are concerned about dimensions, they are featured under the description of each castle.

Q. Are they dangerous?

A. There are risks associated with any type of play equipment, however providing you follow the given safety instructions, there is minimal risk.. We supply a written safety guide with every booking for your convenience, all units MUST be supervised by a person over 18 years of age at all times.

Q. Can they go on a slope?

A. Up to a 10% slope is acceptable. If you have any concerns, please send us a picture and we will assess accordingly.

Q. What size fits my garden? Can you advise me?

A. Without a chargeable site visit we offer this advice. A standard garden fence panel measures 6 foot wide. Our most popular sized unit is 12 foot, so that's equivalent to two fence panels by two fence panels. You will also need an area for the fan at the rear and a safe area at the front for getting on & off the unit. Check your allocated area for borders that cut the corners off the area. Look up and check for tree overhangs lower than approx 12 feet.

Q. What happens if you don't turn up?

A. We have never let any of our customers down. By confirming your details in writing gives you the opportunity to check agreed details. We do get calls from people that have been let down by other hirers due to mistaken function dates and double bookings. None of our customers are able to say this! Obviously like everyone else we are susceptible to events beyond our control like traffic delays & accidents (even if we are not directly involved) but thankfully we have never been affected to any degree with these issues.