Looking for an activity for your children that is fun and good for them? Hire a bouncy castle.

Looking for an activity for your children that’s fun and good for them? Hire a bouncy castle.

The bad weather at this time of year may prevent you from using it outdoors, but hiring an indoor venue will allow you to have a great bounce-tastic time. And when the good weather does finally arrive you can enjoy all the benefits of a bouncy castle outside.

Whether it is just for a treat or as a way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, a bouncy castle offers hours of fun for children of all ages.

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Bouncy castles etiquette and safety tips

Bouncy castles come in all shapes, sizes, and colours for the enjoyment of children everywhere. They are ideal for birthday parties, end of school year picnics, holiday celebrations, and church festivals, but parents will want to ensure that their child returns home unharmed.

Although this is a fairly lengthy list of dos and don’ts, it is not intended to stop children from having a good time. The person in charge of hiring the bouncy castle is ultimately responsible for the safety of those who use it.

Keep all food and drinks, toys, pets, game toys, silly string, chewing gum, and cigarettes away from the Bouncy Castle or anywhere near the external equipment.

Always make sure that a responsible adult supervises the equipment and the bouncy castle activity.

No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs should run the equipment or enter the bouncy castle.
Children aged three and under should be supervised even more carefully. Older children should never bounce around those who are three or under.

Never allow small infants, pregnant woman, or anyone with head, neck or back injuries, or disabilities to use a bouncy castle.

Always remove your glasses and jewellery.

Remove your shoes before entering any inflatable.

No sharp objects are allowed inside or near the outside of the inflatable.

Do not sit, climb, or hang on the side walls at any time.

No fighting, running, somersaults, headstands or any other horseplay is allowed.

Keep off the netting at all times.

Children should be separated by age and size, even if this requires hiring more than one bouncy castle.

No one should go near the bouncy castle while inflating or deflating is in progress.

In case of extreme weather including wind, snow, rain, or lightning, everyone should exit the bouncy castle and the motor should immediately be turned off.

In case of a power outage, everyone should exit the bouncy castle as soon as possible. If the blower accidently shuts off, everyone should leave the bouncy castle quickly and quietly.

Anyone not following the safety rules should immediately leave the inflatable.

Only use the proper electrical equipment provided by the bouncy castle hire company. Do not allow anyone to work on the equipment that is not authorised to do so.

Following these etiquette and safety tips will help ensure that your children have a more enjoyable time on the bouncy castle and give you peace of mind

7 tips for choosing a bouncy castle hire company

Here are seven tips to help you make the right decision when choosing a bouncy castle hire company:

1. Rental locations – offline and online. Check numerous party rental suppliers in your area to see whether bouncy castles are available in your local area. You can also check online for location, price range, and styles available. Generally, you are best hiring locally as this usually ensures better service.

2. References. Choose several possible companies and check the references for each one. If they have a website, see if there are any reviews or testimonials. Word of mouth is the best advertisement; check with friends to see who they have used in the past and would recommend.

3. Professional demeanour. As you contact potential suppliers, gauge how you are treated as a perspective customer. Does the person sound unprofessional, dismissive, curt, or friendly, chatty, and helpful? Do they share what they have to offer and how their system works with pride and confidence?

4. Public liability insurance. Make sure that the hire company is insured (whether this is required or not) and what coverage they would offer at the location of your party.

5. Price. When asking for quotes, remember that price isn’t always the biggest concern when choosing a bouncy castle. If a hire company has ranked well in every other aspect, but their price for bouncy castles is a little higher than some of their competitors, in the long term, you may be best to opt for the higher fee.

6. Equipment. Be sure to find out their safety policy and the date that the equipment was last checked. Make sure that they adhere to industry standards for inflatables. Check the equipment to ensure that there is no tears or split seams that could cause a malfunction.

7. Delivery arrangements. Discuss delivery options, the time of pickup, setup, and tear down, as well as who will escort the equipment and whether they are certified or not. Do not try to inflate the bouncy castle yourself. The owner and employees are trained to handle this. If they are not, consider using another bouncy castle hire company.